Liberty Market of Kettering  ( OPEN  to Members Only)
2675 Patterson Road
Kettering, Ohio 45420
Left of the Late Lefty’s Tavern ( in the same building)
Turn on Bauer and park anywhere on the street
or behind the building.  Hope to see you soon!

Liberty Market will Re-open!!


Lefty’s Tavern burnt down adjoined to our little store.  Our thought s and prayers are with Jimmy the owner and the Landlady Ellen also the family who were living upstairs.  The family upstairs got out fine and are well.  Dave and I  we are here, because Liberty Prevails!!!  ( Plus we have the nerves of steel) Ha!!   
Love all of you and will do everything we can do to continue to service you with the clean organic non- GMO food that we have in the past. We are looking at another month at least before we  open. Hoping by June 1st.  Remember the meeting on April 27th @ Greenmont Hall.
Thanks  Dave & Leigh
AZURE  STANDARD -   NEXT Orders Due  May 3rd Call for pick up on May 14th  after 3:00pm

CALL  520-1149  or 823-0986   and we will arrange a time we can meet!!

Previous Customer we are offering a membership to “My Liberty Pantry” for  25.00    2014   this includes the azurestandard.com co-op . Get what you can at the pantry that is local and staples.  What you can’t get at the store you can order from Azure Standard every 28 days.

The Farm Locker is OPEN (across from the store)
Here are the Hours:  CAll   3-5 minutes before you pick up so your product can be staged .
Monday thru  Friday    10am-9pm

Saturday  10am to 9pm

Sunday      12pm to 5 pm


Keep those bottles moving!!

Thanks  Dave

  We are continuing All Farm Contracts throughout the construction !!  This means you still can order from your favorite farmer& get your farm products. 
Order Eat Food For Life  any week to be delivered @ Liberty Market on Saturday
E-mail me with orders for Palara Farm bi-weekly  odd weeks
E-mail  TS Farm bi-weekly even weeks.  
freedomfoodmkt.com         Tiffany is still working on her website she is doing an awesome job!!
Ts Farms are soon going to offer credit card purchases    ( after the first time TS can keep your card on file) and Food assistance (Ohio Direction Card),   TS has a 100.00  fee this year these orders we will have to meet you at the store.    Next delivery for TS Farm will be March 17th       .  E-mail me with your orders 3 days prior.
Nutritious  Food for ALL!!! Now that’s Liberty!!

Order Eat Food For Life  any week to be delivered @ Liberty Market


Come and find out how you can join”My Liberty  Pantry” 937-823-0986   or    937-520-1149

Come and find out how you can join”My Liberty  Pantry”

Watch for changes on Facebook  & on this website.


MEET US    April 27th to discuss on how to REBUILD  LIBERTY!!!


Why Drink Raw Milk?

Do you miss the days of home delivery?

The Milkman may be back!!    

A Nutrient-Rich Whole Food





 Contact Info:


Phone:   937-823-0986      937-520-1149


Email: info@libertymarketofkettering.com





About Us


March 17th Store Reclamation STARTS TODAY!! 

Didn’t happen looking to relocate



 The next Meeting will be APRIL 27th

@ Greenmont Hall       20  Rembrandt  Kettering  Ohio

Meet up  and  Eat up   3pm-7pm

Agenda:    3:00-4:30 pm    POTLUCK    Please Bring an Organic Dish to share 

Speaker:    5:00 pm   Dr. Mark  Gebhart  M.D.


ZUMBA:   6:00 pm 

Instructor :   Laura Ruppert


azure standard order  due  may 3rd

Liberty Market of Kettering opened July3rd 2010 to start the Liberty holiday with developing a new way to bring traditional nutrition dense local raised farm food available to the suburban market. Concept#1 while brought many faces to the market without the hot food offerings to increase product profitability was not viable to support venue without increase value added to product, profit to man venue. For all those who wondered what happened it was lack of creating venue that ended our agreement forcing closure of other the side. It’s sad to watch a venue fail especially after 85% completed and see deteriorate while offering looked pleasant design was obvious not suitable use of space without serving counter. Profit has never been the goal but is a necessity to pay bills and profit for time be a real value.

Liberty Market of Kettering is no longer a business but a place that now houses two different venues’s to precede with our mission of keeping local natural chemical free, non gmo farm products handy for suburbanite people. Liberty Market of Kettering now opens the door to Kettering Farm Locker a contract only private to store farm contracted products locally for easy pickups. Behind in the unseen space slowly forming in the old store room is “My Liberty Pantry” where Beef, Pork, Chicken and those local items offered before are available along with www.Azurestandard.com coop every 28 days. March 8 being next day orders will be due, delivery takes 11 days and is normally ready Wednesday by 3pm sometimes noon. This allows us to help independent farms striving to offer same quality of products from the west coast and recapturing part of our national food distribution system slowly stolen by big national corporations so long ago. They now collect and distribute from Oregon and Kansas with an East coast facility planned for this year. They made it to Ohio in March, 6 months earlier than forecast, while Indiana was close enough to serve, now we can offer this venue to more as their truck is bigger than mine and delivers to store. Join us and  learn to budget and help us make sure those must have items sometimes forgot or used little extra’s are sitting conveniently in your pantry we share with other so all may be secure knowing your needs are secured at “My Little Pantry”

Thanks Dave and Leigh Davis

 We will close the doors after the 28th 0f December for re-construction !!!   Liberty Market was changed to a private club (MY LIBERTY PANTRY) . We were just about done with the rebuild when Lefty’s Tavern caught fire (same building) . Hoping to open back up June 1st.

BUT then there was a Fire!!

This Fire was devastating  but LIBERTY will re-build again!!!  If we don’t have Liberty we have nothing!!  Love all of you !! 

VISIT OUR FACEBOOK PAGE for more about the fire and videos.

You can still pick up your private farm property by calling us.  It is in a location just minutes from the store!! CALL AND ORDER TODAY!!

I look at it being at least 6 weeks and as long as 3 months before we are able to open back up.

Thanks  In Liberty, Leigh

Steve (Palara Farm) and Tiffany (TS Farm) and Dan (Eat Food for Life) have been wonderful in helping us to keep things going.

eatfoodforlife.com      E-mail farm and have them delivered to Liberty Market      Pick up order on Saturday

Palara Farm.com           E-mail me an order – Pick-up on odd weeks

TS FARM                       freedomfoodmkt.com   Pick-up on even weeks

E-mail me the order or Tiffany @ TS Farms  -at the address above

Thank you to all customers for all the help offered and we will probably take you up on it Later.


*If you have a Herdshare contract call Dave   520-1149  3-5 minutes before you pick-up

If you don’t have a cell phone call him from home before you come.

Herdshare  Operations will continue though the store is closing for reconstruction also you can continue to order from the farm of  your choice – just call for pick-up arrangements.

520-1149 or 823-0986

Watch for changes on Facebook  & on this website.

We are operating as a co-op   so  Join  and order!!!!

Thanks -You so much for supporting Liberty!!!


Join  Liberty Market Co-op


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