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 Liberty Market will Deliver to your doorstep –   we are delivering now!!
  Dave and I  we are here, because Liberty Prevails!!!  ( Plus we have the nerves of steel) Ha!!   To be realistic we see no hope to open up a physical store at this time, after the fire.
Love all of you and will do everything we can do to continue to service you with the clean organic non- GMO food as we have in the past. We are looking at June 1st to start delivering to your home from  all farm markets we service. ORDERS MUST BE IN by   12:00pm on Saturday  to get it the next week  SCROLL DOWN
to see farms and products!!
AZURE  STANDARD -   NEXT Orders Due   August  30th
Deliveries will be made on September 10th

CALL 937- 520-1149  or 937-823-0986   and we will arrange a time we can meet!! or we will pick up orders if we are in the area
Delivery start June 1st !
This month everything will be delivered .  Route is starting to show form and few changes planned as Cow production allows. Economics are important and quality maintained by constantly running so slowly moving drops to mid week will improve both. Delivery since started has shown with planning and cooperation both can be achieved. We appreciate those who make arrangements for schedule to be met when can’t meet. In the near future we should have an area schedule with times to slowly move your most convenient delivery window time.  Naturally travel is never exact so instead of times  we offer windows.


 Keep those bottles moving!!

Remember to have your bottles ready with your cooler ready on pickup day     Thanks! Dave

Do you miss the days of home delivery?

At this time Deliveries of milk products are on Tuesdays and Fridays.  We are gradually going to move Friday deliveries onto Thursday.


The Milkman will be back!!      ALSO THE DELIVERY OF PRODUCTS YOU  CAN  ORDER  ON  LINE FROM YOUR FAVORITE FARMER!!  Groceries will be delivered the same time as your milk. Now if you don’t get milk we will be able to delivery when we are in your area weekly.

 E-mail me for Palara Farm and Freedomfarmmarket with orders @ libertymarket@att.net              Leigh    

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 Watch for changes on Facebook  & on this website.


Why Drink Raw Milk?

Do you miss the days of home delivery?

The Milkman will be back!!    

Our refrigeration/freezer unit will be installed by May22nd!!  Start Delivery by end of the first week of June

A Nutrient-Rich Whole Food





 Contact Info:


Phone:   937-823-0986      937-520-1149


Email: LibertyMarket@att.net


2002 Cavalier Good Condition  $1800.00

one owner  one mechanic



About Us




No delivery fees $50.00 or more in our service area unless you get delivery already, then no delivery charge

PALARA FARM  COMING  UP:  Several varieties of Meat packages

The packs will have chicken, pork and beef combined(easier to plan meals!)



This Weeks   $10.00  bag                 Mostly LOCAL this week2

2  Mixed Kale
1 Tomatoes (local)         2 lbs. red potatoes (local)
zucchini (local)              1 large white onion  (azure organic)
1 cucumber (local)            1/2 lb. Green Beans
Basil   (local)

Next week’s bag local Chemical-free Blueberries

Some Azure Standard Produce

The veggie bags are selling well, so glad we can accommodate you all with local non-gmo/organic produce   Thanks!!  Leigh

All vegetables are non-Gmo and/or Organic: This Week ALL LOCAL

All Liberty Vegetables are grown in Humanic Shale

Mineral Soil Enhancer  Pure and Organic Complex of Prehistoric Plant Minerals and Elements  Mixed greens have red and green lettuce,beet greens, baby kale, New Zealand Spinach and purslane (sometimes chard)

New Zealand Spinach  7oz.   $3.50!!

Mixed Greens                6 oz.    $3.50

Mixed Kale                     7oz.     $ 3.00

Green Beans                             $3.50lb.

Cucumbers                           1.00 each

Tomatoes                              3.00 lb.

Blueberries (local non-chemical)

                                                                                                                $5.00 a quart

Watermelon                           5.00each

Just call us or e-mail your order

Willow Maid Butter       1#        $ 5.00

(Grass Fed-Pasteurized) 2/ 9.00

Promiseland  Eggs                      $4.50 

Palara Eggs  (no soy)                 $5.50

Please remember to order by Saturday at noon. Dave picks up the ordered products on Monday at the farms.



Working  Hand in Hand with Liberty Market and Local Farmers to get YOU farm products to the city 



THE MILKMAN IS BACK!!  We just purchased a refrigeration unit. Thank You THERMO KING (Springfield Guys).   STARTING JUNE 6th (or shortly there after)  all Farm Products will be delivered to your doorstep.

Refrigeration unit in need another alternator then suburban being insulated.  Hopefully done by first part of next week.

It’s August Now and the milk runs are running smooth!!

Thanks so much to ALL who stuck with us!!


 azure standard order  due  August  30th

Delivery date Sept  10th

Co-op Members if you have interest in buying in on a case of CLO ( Green Pastures) e-mail   me    Thanks! Leigh                 libertymarket@att.com


Liberty Market of Kettering opened July3rd 2010 to start the Liberty holiday with developing a new way to bring traditional nutrition dense local raised farm food available to the suburban market. Concept#1 while brought many faces to the market without the hot food offerings to increase product profitability was not viable to support venue without increase value added to product, profit to man venue. For all those who wondered what happened it was lack of creating venue that ended our agreement forcing closure of other the side. It’s sad to watch a venue fail especially after 85% completed and see deteriorate while offering looked pleasant design was obvious not suitable use of space without serving counter. Profit has never been the goal but is a necessity to pay bills and profit for time be a real value.

Liberty Market of Kettering has changed to service venue; delivery to home where your Beef, Pork, Chicken, Lamb, Quail, rabbit, and produce plus local items offered before truly belong, with you. Staples and over 9000 chemical free products are available  with www.Azurestandard.com coop every 28 days. May 10 being next day orders will be due, delivery takes 11 days and is normally ready Wednesday by 3pm sometimes noon. This allows us to help independent farms striving to offer same quality of products from the West Coast and recapturing part of our national food distribution system slowly stolen by big national corporations so long ago. They now collect and distribute from Oregon and Kansas with an East coast facility planned for this year. They made it to Ohio in March 2014, 6 months earlier than forecast. Indiana was close enough to start providing, now we can offer this venue to many more as their truck is bigger than mine and delivers come to us. Join us and let us help teach to budget food and help all eat better, with more convenient, less expense, save on purchase, fuel, and time so needed with today’s fast lifestyles.

Thanks Dave and Leigh Davis

 We will close the doors after the 28th 0f December for re-construction !!!  Due to the fire February 27th 2014 owner slow unprofessional cleanup, relocation procedural time delay, which made a new path clear, we circle most during pickups, now we’ll stop by and deliver.

Your Farmer Agent  DAVE


The Fire was devastating  but LIBERTY will re-build again!!!  If we don’t have Liberty we have nothing!!  Love all of you !! 

VISIT OUR FACEBOOK PAGE for more about the fire and videos.

www.palarafarm.com  -  PDF new price list on bottom of  the page

Tiffany (TS Farm) & Palara Farm   have been wonderful in helping us to keep things going.

E-mail the order to Tiffany @  freedomfarmmkt.com  -at the address above.  Take a look it’s a phenomenal!!

If it is easier just e-mail me at : libertymarket@att.com

E-mail me the orders for the farms by Saturday at noon if possible so we can contact the farmer to have it ready when Dave goes to all the farms Monday.


Call Dave or Leigh @

937-520-1149 or 937-823-0986

Watch for changes on Facebook  & on this website.

We are operating as a co-op   so  Join  and order!!!!

Thanks -You so much for supporting Liberty!!!

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